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Contact info for AEP


Reg BOA Meeting Agenda 2-21-2019

Reg BOA Meeting Agenda 2-21-2019

12/13/2018 Reg BOA Meeting Minutes

12-13-2018 reg boa meeting minutes (1)

Public Hearing & BOA Reg Meeting 1-17-2019

public hearing and reg boa 1-17-2019

Notice of Deadline for App on Ballot

signed notice of elections

11/15/2018 Reg. BOA Meeting Minutes

Signed 11-15-2018 Reg BOA Meeting Minutes (1)

10/18/2018 Reg. BOA Meeting Minutes

Signed 10-18-2018 Reg BOA Meeting Minutes (1)

9/20/2018 Public Hearing & Reg BOA Meeting Minutes

Signed 09-20-2018 Public Hearing ^L0 Reg BOA