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2-20-2020 Reg BOA Meeting Agenda

2-20-2020 Reg BOA Meeting Agenda

1-16-2020 Reg BOA Meeting Agenda

1-16-2020 Reg Board of Aldermen Meeting Agenda

Final Version of Revision to Town of Bayview Zoning Ordinance for 1/11/20

Final Version 12-2019.4

Town of Bayview Zoning Ordinance 8/22/2019

Zoning Ordinance 8-22-19

Public Hearing Agenda 1/11/2020

1-11-20 Public Hearing Meeting

Reg BOA Meeting Agenda 12/19/2019

Reg BOA Meeting Agenda 12-19-2019

Special BOA Meeting Minutes 11/1/2019

11-01-19 Special Meeting Minutes

Reg BOA Minutes 10/17/2019

10-17-19 Reg BOA Minutes

11-14-2019 Special Board of Aldermen Meeting Agenda

Special BOA Meeting Agenda 11-14-2019

Board of Adjustment Meeting 11/9/2019

Board of Adjustment Meeting 11-09-19