Contact Info AEP

Contact info for AEP


Sept. 7, 2017 BOA Special Meeting and Public Hearing

Signed-September 7, 2017 BOA & Public Hearing Agenda

July 2017 Financials Approved

July 2017 Financials Approved

JULY Budget vs Actual

JULY P&L AdValorem


2017-2018 Town of Budget Review

2018 Town Budget

July 20, 2017 BOA Regular Board Minutes

Signed-July 20, 2017 BOA Regular Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2017 BOA Agenda

Signed Aug 24, 2017 BOA Agenda

Changes to Zoning Ordinance (Signage)

Changes to Sign Ordinance

June 15, 2017 Public Hearing and Regular BOA Meeting Minutes

Signed-June 15.2017 Public Hearing Meeting and BOA Regular Meeting Minutes