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BOA Regular Meeting Agenda 11/16/2017

Signed BOA Agenda 11-16-17 final

BOA Agenda for 10-19-17 Meeting

Signed BOA Agenda 10-19-17

Building and Standards Commission Minutes for 1/19/2017 Meeting

BSC Minutes for 1-19-2017

August 24, 2017 Regular BOA Meeting Minutes

Signed-August 24 2017 BOA Regular Meeting minutes

August 14, 2017 Special BOA Meeting

Signed-August 14, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes of BOA

Agenda for Building and Standards Commission Meeting 10-05-17

BSC agenda 10-5-17

Public Hearing and Regular Meeting 9/29/2017

Public Hearing and BOA Agenda 09-29-2017