Minutes of the Board of Aldermen Meeting Held November 19, 2012

NOVEMBER 19, 2012

1.The Regular Meeting of Board of Aldermen was called to order at 6:30 P.M., Monday, November 19, 2012 at the Girl Scout West Building, 102 South San Roman, Bayview, Texas.

Present were Mayor Leon Deason, Aldermen: Garry Lowder, Ed Morris, Tom Rodino, Mark Mullendore and Town Secretary, Carol DeMoss.

2.Mayor Deason led the Pledge of Allegiance.

3.Mayor Deason invited public comments and announcements.
Debbie Finch had questions regarding the washboard affect left by the road construction crew on San Roman. The Mayor commented that the day before he had ridden the roads with the engineer and efforts were underway by the road construction company to remedy the problem. He further explained that the road company is totally responsible and the job will not be signed off on until it completed satisfactorily.

4.Approval or rejection of Consent Agenda Items:
A.The minutes of October 18, a motion by Garry Lowder approved November 5 and November 12. Tom Rodino seconded the motion. All approved.
B.October 2012 and 2012 year financials were approved with a motion by Mark Mullendore and a second by Tom Rodino. All approved.

5.Tom Rodino made a motion to approve and Mark Mullendore seconded a report from Mayor Deason on behalf of Building Inspectors’ Donny Curry (fees $50.00), and Cliff Rowell (fees $154.50) on the status of building permits. It passed unanimously.

6.A motion to approve a new Ordinance and, Contracts for Building Inspector Don Curry and Plumbing Inspector Cliff Rowell was made by Tom Rodino and seconded by Mark Mullendore. All approved.

7.Building Inspector, Donny Curry took the oath of office that was administered by Town Secretary Carol DeMoss. Tom Rodino made a motion to approve which Garry Lowder seconded. All approved.

8.A motion from Tom Rodino that was seconded by Garry Lowder approved payment of $4.78 to LRGVDC for funding the Regional Communication Systems. All approved.

9.A motion was made by Tom Rodino and seconded by Mark Mullendore to approve payment of $3240.50 to The Renfro Law Firm for work done by Town Attorney, David Irwin. All approved.

10.Mark Mullendore and a second by Garry Lowder passed a Resolution by the Town Council of Bayview, urging the Cameron County Emergency Services District not to establish a new zone that would directly affect the residents with a motion. All approved.

11.Approval of new Banking and financial procedures were approved with a motion from Mark Mullendore and a second by Tom Rodino. All approved.

12.A motion from was made by Garry Lowder with a second from Tom Rodino for approval of the utility bill (rent), of $764.86 from the Girls Scouts of Greater South Texas for January – June 2012 for the Town Office. It passed unanimously.

Discussion Items

13.In consideration of an ETJ Inter-local Agreement with the City of Brownsville Mayor Deason stated that an agreement had been signed saying that the Town of Bayview would not seek legislation against encroachment by the City of Brownsville if Brownsville did not move any farther into Bayview’s ETJ. He further stated that now Brownsville is encroaching and we are still in the process of trying to determine whether to will go forward with legislation. There was no decision at this time.


A.) Emergency Management:
Tom Rodino reported that hurricane season wraps up the end of the month but everyone should remain alert. He said final action is being taken on the state flood maps.

B.) Building and Standards Commission:
Tom Rodino, Chairman of the Building and Standards Commission reported that the Commission has updated the procedural rules saying, “We need to go back and take a look at the ordinance which established the commission and make some adjustments”. He followed by saying that the Building and Standards Commission were reviewing items. He said that the Town Attorney mentioned that there should be a change in the way the alternates are appointed.

Mayor Deason agreed responding that that the Building and Standard Commission select candidates and vote on them. He also pointed out that if the new rule is passed it cannot go into effect until August.

Tom Rodino emphasized that none of the items were time critical. He continued by saying, that all that is needed at this time was whatever thoughts anyone has and that the ordinance and procedures should be looked at.

C.) Roads Project 2012: Mayor Deason
Mayor Deason reported meeting with the engineers. He had looked at the progress on all of the roads being worked on and stated that he will ask the construction company to return and hand shovel many of the roads to remedy the washboard affect. Mayor Deason stated that if the Road Construction Company has not completed the project by November 28, 2012 they would begin paying the Town of Bayview.

15.) The meeting was adjourned.

Carol De Moss, Town Secretary


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