New Office Hours

Beginning Monday, May 6 the Town office hours will be Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 12 pm.


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  1. Posted by George Samano on August 21, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Dear Mayor and all Aldermans of Bayview… I would just like to go on record I do not understand…. what you have against churches in our community…. Our great nation was founded under the Freedom to pray and worship anytime and anywhere we choose and care too…. It is my belief no one should stop any church of any beliefs to be able to bill their church anywhere or anyplace ….

    When I Drive thru Laguna Vista and I see this wonderful big Church…. also in Los Fresnos. … I think to myself… their must be a lot of people who care about God, in these communitys…. I think about our community… And I am beginning to believe there is something seriously wrong with our community… That would go against our freedom of religion….any time and anywhere or place.

    I just do not understand why you are wasting money fighting this…. I believe we should talk to a different law firm… I believe this law firm is just billing us for unnecessary expenses…you should fire this firm…. I truly believe they are giving you wrong advice… How much is already been spent on this matter unless Bayview has deep pockets to waste money …. It is foolish to spend one more cent on this matter and let Cornerstone build their church or have their church… for they can pray as they see fit…. No one has the right to stop them….to pray as they wish to …

    And I hope and pray you will find this out in Federal Court….

    Your truly,
    George Samano
    112 west Toronja
    Bayview, Texas

    956 640 4966

    PS: STOP …..
    Wasting Money…gms


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