Agenda February 20, 2014

Agenda for February 20 Town Council Mtg


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  1. After almost seven years teaching at Laguna Madre Christian Academy and witnessing the personal growth of our graduating students, I am honored to be a part of this school. I have seen several, typically disrespectful children, become respectful children. I have seen children who normally would have been a bully to younger students become leaders, or basically guidance leaders, to younger students. Our school, LMCA, does an excellent job helping young students understand they are our future. Our students are future leaders, and they understand the importance of having God in their lives. They realize God is important in the future growth of our country. I LOVE being part of this school. If Christian values are important to the community of Bayview, then having LMCA become part of this town will be a blessing,


  2. I want to personally thank all of the residents who showed up at the meeting and those who sent their comments to Mayor Rodino. It made me proud to live in a town that cared about their neighbors so much. Terry Mackara


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